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php - Regex to match all closing HTML tags

Solution:Use this regex: </.+?> Copy code or /<\/.+?>/ Copy code That will do.

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Database logic for conversation (like Forum) PHP, MySql

Solution:I would not have the parentID point to the comment that precedes it, that's bad practice all around. The parentID should point to the topic and then wh

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Sending mail using PHP (to the one that puts the email in the EMAIL INPUT)

Solution:Use this $email = "youremailaddress"; $yoursubject="Something ..."; $yourmessage="Something else..."; mail($email, $yoursubject, $yourmessage); Cop

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Google PHP Client API: Insufficient Permission

Solution:The apps#list method requires authorization with the scopehttps://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive.apps.readonly. Just add it to the array of scopes: $cli

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apache - PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by

Solution:It's because you specified a doctype before the header. You cannot output a header after the payload has been sent. So change it to: <? if(file_

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php - How do i check if my file was uploaded and then echo my file uploaded statement to paticular part of my website

Solution:move_uploaded_file returns true on success. In upload.php; <?php .... $res = move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'],"./medetrax_

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php - Regular Expression working in online test tool, but not in my app

Solution:Just add an escape: preg_match('/[\/\\\](\d+_\d+_\d+_\d+)[\/\\\]/', $file, $matches); // here __^ and __^ Copy code

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php - Regarding unique username

Solution:My answer is going to address the specific problem you had regarding: I need a solution from which i generate a unique username with available details

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PHP page with embedded HTML displaying extra column

Solution:You need to close the td's echo "<td>" . $users['middlename'] . "</td>"; echo "<td>" . $users['lastname'] . "</td>"; Copy code

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variables - Access PHP Object from a loaded PHP in POST request

Solution:You can store it in the$_SESSION and access it on the other pages. On each page that you will use it you have to include the class. So on both main.php

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php - JavaBridge BIRT Send Email

Solution:The sending process doesn't have anything do to with CSS - that's entirely up to the client, though bear in mind that CSS support in email clients is e

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javascript - call parameterised function on dynamic button click in php

Solution:First of all, dont combine in your mind JS code and PHP code into one. Please set in your mind that JS code is executes on Browser which is provided b

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php - if-else statement not working correctly in while loop

Solution:I can't see any query which make the difference b/w admin and member, your code simply retrieving admin column and going through every value and printi

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mysql - How to Get data that been clicked into next page in php?

Solution:As display in first script, you are not getting any result of index: id, and you have passed parameter in URL. Now in second script you are using id as

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php - How to split text in array by comma if comma is in text value

Solution:Try this $str = '0, "Some, text", 0.23, 4'; $new = str_getcsv($str, ",","",","); echo "<pre>"; print_r($new); Copy code Output Array ( [0] =&

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