apache - PHP upload_max_filesize not obeyed


PHP/etc/php.ini is not obeying upload_max_filesize

Details: using<?php echo phpinfo(); ?> I can see that the 'Loaded Configuration file' is /etc/php.ini

Within this file I have the values:

file_uploads = On
upload_max_filesize = 12M
post_max_size = 12M

BUT the phpinfo(); shows upload_max_filesize 2M

After restarting Apache serveral times this value is never obeyed whatever I change the upload_max_filesize and max_post_size.

I have worked around this issue by using a .htaccess directive

php_value upload_max_filesize 12M
php_value post_max_size 12M

This has allowed the upload value to be changed and the PHPINFO() now shows the value correctly.

Directive            Local Value    Master Value
upload_max_filesize  12M            2M

The question is: why is the /etc/php.ini file not being obeyed in the first place? Running CentOs 5.4 , php 5.3.29 Searched (grep -inr '2M' *) in/etc/php.d/* with nothing found.

Why is it not listening to the main php.ini file which it says it's using?

Already looked at PHP upload_max_filesize

and Changing upload_max_filesize on PHP

on SO with no success.

--UPDATE-- Searchgrep -inr 'upload_max_filesize in /etc/*.ini and .conf with only the 12M value being returned. Searched /etc/httpd/conf/ /etc/httpd/conf.d/ and obviously the root of the virtual host. No special setup in virtual hosts with grep returning 0 results.

Additional .ini files parsed
    /etc/php.d/bcmath.ini, /etc/php.d/curl.ini, /etc/php.d/dom.ini, /etc/php.d/fileinfo.ini, 
    /etc/php.d/gd.ini, /etc/php.d/intl.ini, /etc/php.d/json.ini, /etc/php.d/ldap.ini, 
    /etc/php.d/mbstring.ini, /etc/php.d/mcrypt.ini,
/etc/php.d/mysql.ini, /etc/php.d/mysqli.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo_mysql.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo_sqlite.ini,
/etc/php.d/phar.ini, /etc/php.d/posix.ini, /etc/php.d/soap.ini,    /etc/php.d/suhosin.ini, /etc/php.d/sysvmsg.ini, /etc/php.d/sysvsem.ini, etc/php.d/sysvshm.ini,
/etc/php.d/wddx.ini, /etc/php.d/xdebug.ini, /etc/php.d/xmlreader.ini, /etc/php.d/xmlwriter.ini,
/etc/php.d/xsl.ini, /etc/php.d/zip.ini



If you examine the first few lines of thephpinfo() you can know
which php.ini is loaded.(courtesy @Raptor)

In your question you have mentioned that /etc/php.ini is indeed the one loaded.

In that case there is a chance that your httpd.conf contains something like below :

php_value upload_max_filesize somevalue

This is a global value which will be applied for all the sites.
I guess it may well override the php.ini settings.




I had the .htaccess in the root of website overriding this value from php.ini.




Try to set in your htaccess file. May be this might help you guys. It's working for me

php_value post_max_size 30M
php_value upload_max_filesize 25M
php_value upload_max_size 25M



I lost quite a bit of time trying to figure this out as well. Turns out that this will happen if you are using php-fpm. The php.ini file will be read, phpinfo() will tell you that it's been read, but the max filesize value (as well as a few others) will be ignored.

I experienced this with a Centos8 install, and it took me far too long to notice that it was using php-fpm instead of mod_php, so all the arguments to mod_php were being ignored.

Your options are to either install mod_php or just configure php-fpm properly (better).

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