apache - Provide edit access to php files in server to users acrss sites


I have the situation of editing the php files in the "www" folder of a server from local machines. But in my condition, all the users across the sites, who shares the intranet, should be able to access the php files. Its more like I'm counting how many times users using an application which I developed. So, my idea is like creating a database in WAMP in the server and creating a php file which performs appending operation. So, if the user uses my application, I will make the php file I created to run in the server and that counts number of times my application used. I'm new to web design and I'm using Apache2.4 version. Please let me know if you have a better approach. Thanks in advance.




say it's filename.php


$con=mysql_connect("hostname", "username", "password");
$sql="update usage_count set count=count+1";

This code increases the hit-count(count as in database) each time the file is fetched from clint computer.

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