arrays - How can I sort words of Unicode sequence in php?



'lemon orange banana apple' ---> 'elmno aegnor aaabnn aelpp'
'лимон апельсин банан яблоко' ---> 'илмно аеилнпсь аабнн бклооя'
'αβγαβγ αβγαβγαβγ' ---> 'ααββγγ αααβββγγγ'




function array_sorting($string) {

// Split string sequence into array elements
$string = explode(" ", $string);

foreach($string as $str) {

    // Converting words into array elements
    $results = array();
    preg_match_all('/./u', $str, $results);

    foreach ( $results as $array ) {

        // Sorting array elements

        // Concat elements back to words
        foreach($array as $val){
            echo $val;
    // Concat words back to sequence
    echo " ";


array_sorting('αβγαβγ αβγαβγαβγ');

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