Cannot send multiple mysql queries to my database via php


I've no idea what is going on here, but I cannot get two mysql statements to add content to my db via themysql_query. Here is my code:

function sendDataToDB() {

    // first send the user to the users table
    $audio_survey = new dbclass();
    $audio_survey -> connectToDB();

    $sql = $_SESSION['user']['sql'];

    $audio_survey -> queryTable($sql);

    // get the current users' ID number from the table
    $sql = "SELECT user_id FROM users WHERE name=\"" . $_SESSION['user']['name'] . "\"";

    $result = $audio_survey -> queryTable($sql);
    $output = $audio_survey -> getDataFromDB($result);

    $user_id = $output['user_id'];

    $songs = $_SESSION['songs'];

    foreach ($songs as $song) {

            $sql .= "INSERT INTO survey (user_id, song, genre, emotion, time_date) VALUES ($user_id, \"" . $song['song'] . "\", \"" . $song['genre'] . "\", \"" . $song['emotion'] . "\", \"" . $song['time_date'] . "\");<br />";
    $audio_survey -> queryTable($sql);
    $audio_survey -> closeDBconnection();

Everything works, as in a user gets added to my "users" table, but when the variable$sql is passed intomysql_query then I get this error:

Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'INSERT INTO survey (user_id, song, genre, emotion, time_date) VALUES (3, "one mo' at line 1

I've tried pasting in the statement I have concatenated using the$sqlvariable straight into the sql query box in phpMyAdmin and it works! This is what theforeach loop produces that works in phpMyAdmin, but not themysql_query function! I've made sure I have allocated enough space for characters, etc.

INSERT INTO survey (user_id, song, genre, emotion, time_date) VALUES (3, "one more time", "dance", "happy", "15:32:21 07-11-14");
INSERT INTO survey (user_id, song, genre, emotion, time_date) VALUES (3, "dance dance dance", "disco", "relaxed", "15:32:28 07-11-14");



mysql_query() sends a unique query (multiple queries are NOT supported)

Docu-cite-service (tm)

You need to either use Nisse's approach, while callingmysql_query() inside the loop - or use something else, that allows to execute multiple queries within one statement rather than the deprecatedmysql_query method.

Another option would be to rewrite your concatenation logic, so it generates one query for multiple inserts:

   (user_id, song, genre, emotion, time_date) 
   (3, "one more time", "dance", "happy", "15:32:21 07-11-14"),
   (3, "dance dance dance", "disco", "relaxed", "15:32:28 07-11-14"),

something like

$sql = "INSERT INTO survey (user_id, song, genre, emotion, time_date) VALUES ";
$atLeastoneInsert = false;
foreach ($songs as $song) {
    $atLeastoneInsert = true;
    $sql .= "($user_id, \"" . $song['song'] . "\", \"" . $song['genre'] . "\", \"" . $song['emotion'] . "\", \"" . $song['time_date'] . "\"),";
$sql = trim($sql,",");

if ($atLeastoneInsert){
    $audio_survey -> queryTable($sql);



$sql = "SELECT user_id FROM users ...";


foreach ($songs as $song) {
    $sql .= "INSERT INTO survey ...";

You are adding all the queries together using the (.=) string concatenation operator. You need to use normal assignment, and movequeryTable($sql) into the loop.

foreach ($songs as $song) {
    $sql = "INSERT INTO survey ...";
    $audio_survey -> queryTable($sql);

Note also that the MySQL extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future. You should use MySQLi or PDO instead.

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