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php - smtp email with pear library is not working gives error

Solution:https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en You probably have to allow "Less Secure Apps" on the used google account.

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php - laravel execute code after return

Solution:Using Laravel, you can run such tasks after sending the response to the user. It works by keeping the PHP process alive to run the tasks after closing

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PHP MySQL if row exists not doing anything

Solution: if(mysql_num_rows($check)>0) { echo " "; } else { C

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php - String of file_get_html can't be edited?

Solution:file_get_html() returns an object, not a string. Attempting to concatenate a string to an object will call the object's_toString() method if it exists,

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php - Symfony Doctrine One to Many does not insert foreign key

Solution:Firstly, you have to understand that Doctrine and Symfony does not work with id's within your entities.In Einsatztag entity, your property should not b

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php - captcha code interfering with form handler

Solution:You try to send HTTP header inverify.php: header('Location: contact-form-thank-you.html'); Copy code after sending HTML comment in first line, which is

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php - Using POST data after validating using CodeIgniter

Solution:The CodeIgniter input class allows you to get the POST data after it has been filtered by the form validation library. In your controller you would do

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php - Spreading data in MySQL database across multiple tables

Solution:10k records is quite small number for a modern RDBMS on a decent hardware. Unless you show more details I would avoid splitting the table — no performa

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php - MYSQL Select last known row data by date

Solution:pseudocode mostly: for(EACH day in date range){ $query = SELECT COUNT(product) from table WHERE date="day" AND product = "hat"; $getResults=mysql_que

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php - php5.4 autoloading traits

Solution:According to the manual, the function takes a boolean as second parameter, that is related to autoloading; which seems to indicate that traits and aut

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Uploading multiple files and giving the uploaded file a new name in PHP

Solution:Just use several inputs on your html: <form action="file-upload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> Send these files:<br />

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php - file_get_contents() error: "Failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 ModSecurity Action"

Solution:$contents = file_get_contents('http://localhost/skillbook/json.php'); $contents = utf8_encode($contents); $contents_array = json_decode($contents,1);

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php - Inserting Data in Table with mySQLi

Solution:Change $stmt = $DB->prepare("INSERT INTO `users`(`email`, `password`) VALUES ('value1', 'value2')"); Copy code To if ($stmt = $DB->prepare("INSER

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php - Generate multidimensional array from array of values

Solution:function array_createmulti($arr) { // The new multidimensional array we will return $result = array(); // Process each item of the input ar

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html - Target in Echoed php link

Solution:Just add the attribute to your anchor tag as usual. Make sure you use the name of the targeted iframe as its value: <?php echo "<a href='details.

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