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javascript - How can I add a function as an action on a Leaflet layer?

I have a leaflet map and some functions where I parse the data from JSON. When I click on the "Parcuri" button from the layers button, I want to display the dat

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php - Wordpress - no such file or directory issue

I am getting this error when I load up my Wordpress site: Warning: include_once(../../plugins/acf-location-field-master/acf-location.php) [function.include-onc

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echo Php variable from javascript and javascript is in php function

I have jQuery function in a PHP function. I haveid of adiv in a PHP variable. I want to pass this variable to the jQuery code, but it is not working: public fun

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php - woocommerce override of product

I have a problem with the following code when I make the price variable the function doesn't work but when I hardcode a price it works. (note I am in a testing

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php - 404 Not Found nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)

I created a folder invar/www/html/test. The folder consists of some PHP files. I am trying access the file like http://example.com/test/test. PHP shows the foll

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Getting values from XML via php

So my XML looks like this <ApiResponse xmlns="http://api.namecheap.com/xml.response" Status="ERROR"> <Errors> <Error Number="1011102">

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php - Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 77 bytes)

i set in wp-config filedefine( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' ); but still showing Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate

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PHP: Create array from MySQL to build HTML calendar

currently I am working on a small booking system for what I want to create an overview of already booked time slots. In my database the booking information is s

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php - How do I display a summary of items in a cart from a $_SESSION onto another page

I need my cart page to show a summary "line item" like view of all vending machines purchased on my vend page with $_SESSION['cart'] Here is my code which allow

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PHP Stuck on Mysqli_error()

I am new to php still learning i have made a navigation with the drop down submenus its working when im inserting new item in navigation but the problem exist w

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javascript - upload image using formdata ajax send to php

I newbie in this webpage area and I was try to upload image to my file by using ajax and send it to php. But I have done some coding here. Can some one correct

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How i receive curl post data in php

When i close the curl then it will give me warning and how i will receive data which i send using curl.here is my code.variable $data contain my URL where i wan

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php - PSR-0 Implementation on Class Loading

I'm not new to PHP but I'm new to PSR. I've read some of it and I want to give a try to follow this standards on coding but I'm a bit confused how can implement

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php - After send mail clear names, set em empty

I'm new to PHP, normally I work with ASP.NET. I have some variabels in a form, when I send the form I want to clear the variables/empty em. I have tried the fol

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php access to specific position of multidimensional array by its keys and set it

In PHP we can do things like these: Class Example { ... } $example = 'Example'; $object = new $example(); Copy code Or the use of variable variables: $hour = 1

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