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php - Finding closest aggregated value using Knapsack or foreach

I am looking for the simplest solution for my problem that would also be most time efficient on the server. I have a value I have to approach to as close as po

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nginx - Can't execute yolo/darknet from php exec - predictions.png never appears?

YOLO: https://github.com/pjreddie/darknet I'm trying to run this from within a php script, but predictions.png never appears. I assume this is a general problem

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macos - php.ini extension not working

I deployed Joomla website for my company (This Joomla website was developed by third-party) and they give me an install instruction, just add 3 ext and declare

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Problems parsing PHP code in HTML files with Nginx FastCGI?

I am trying to migrate my website from LAMP to NGINX FastCGI on Linux on AWS and I am having problems trying to parse PHP in some legacy .htm files on my site.

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RSS feed not detected when rendered with PHP but detected rendered as static XML file

I generated an RSS feed using some data from arrays, it validates and conforms to the spec but when I render it out in PHP from a url like http://example.com/fe

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php - Class 'app outing' not found

I'm currently building an application that will require a few different name spaces, however most of the application I want to put under the app namespace. In m

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arrays - How to implement HashMap in PHP with Object Key

What I want to implement is check how many times a coordinate exists(with{-code-1} andlongitude) I need to iterate a JSON Array, and with bunch of{-code-1} andl

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wordpress - How to load functions.php in theme from external URL

We have this serious issue in WordPress. We have this problem that clients download all the files from the server and uploads it to his. Now we want to do this.

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Foreach Loop Only Iterating Once - PHP

I was looking for a PHP script to grab images from a few websites, but I couldn't find one that was universal and allowed scraping of multiple pages.. so I buil

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php - Automatic login in web app if user is already logged in Google Apps

I would like to know the best way of implementing automatic login to my web site. What I mean by automatic is this: I've already signed into Google. I now go to

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php - using jquery/bootstrap, save data without using checkboxes

I am building a scheduling feature that shows Monday through Friday and a list of default times to select for appointments for 3 straight months. Every user can

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php - Laravel not recognized by NAS

The NAS is a DS718+ model with DSM 6.1.7 system. There is a Web station installed and running allong with php 7, apache 2.4 and MariaDB. Web station is set up f

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php - Twitter API works only with one method

$key = 'fd2fdfsdfsdfdsf'; $secret = 'fdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfsdf'; $basic_credentials = base64_encode($key.':'.$secret); $opts = array('http' => array(

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php - Several wordpress sites access only for custom role

I have two websites (Site A + Site B) that both run on WordPress. On Site A, there are several roles including Role X. I need to grant access to Site B, but onl

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php - Get user's facebook access token 60 days with user_groups permission

I try to get a 60 days access token with user_groups permission on Facebook. Three ways : 1) Access Token from GRAPH API 2) Access Token from developper accoun

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