codeigniter - How do I call a function inside another controller file in PHP?


I have one function I need to call from another file with Codeigniter and I'm not sure how to do this.

The one file is in controllers/Jobassignment.php, which contains a function called createassignments() that I need to call from controllers/Reporting.php. I am pretty new at Codeigniter, so how would I call the createassignments function from Reporting.php?

I tried


But this isn't working.

It has been called in a form tag:

<form action="<?php echo base_url( 'jobassignment/createassignments' ); ?>

but I can't do that in the middle of a function.

They are both controller files. Any help would be appreciated.




It has nothing to do with Codeigniter. If the Jobassignment.php is a PHP class you can make an instance of it and then call that function:

user namespace/Jobassignment

$jobassignment = new Jobassignment();


but if this method you create is going to call in other classes you must make a class under Helpers directory and then call the method the way that I explained.

Don't make instance of request class. you must make a helper class to handel this.




If the goal is to make the action of the form a method in a different controller then your code

<form action="<?php echo base_url( 'jobassignment/createassignments' ); ?>

is perfectly fine. You just have to understand that you are doing a redirect and code execution in the current controller is done. Understand that a<form action...> is always a redirect where the input element values of the form are sent to the server.

Because it is a redirect there is no reason to call$this->load->library('controllers/jobassignment');

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