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This is a general question regarding exception handing for exceptions thrown in onther people's code.

I am using the following Codeigniter PHP library:

which relies upon this library for MongoDB:

If I call a function in the first library, and it then calls one from the second. Sometimes the second library throws exceptions which I want to be able to deal with in my own code, but there is a try-catch statement around the exception throwing call, which means that it is dealt with before I get a chance to (I just prints the exception to the screen).

My question is:

Without modifying all of the functions in the first and second libraries (i.e. removing all of the try catches), how can I deal with the exception that is thrown?


This is how the functions in the second library are arranged:

class SomeClass 
    function do_something()
        try {
        catch {
            $this->_show_error('Update of data into MongoDB failed: ' . $exception->getMessage(), 500);

    function _show_error($error_message = '', $response_code = 500)
        //Inbuilt Codeigniter helper function which can be disabled from printing the error to the screen 
        show_error($error_message, $response_code);

Although I can disable the error from being printed (which is of course just for debugging), I still have no way of knowing that it occurred and handling it.




(should be a comment rather than an answer, but it's a bit long)

just prints the exception to the screen

Really? Are you sure?

Did you check it doesn't trigger an error instead of an exception and you're running this on a system which is not configured as a production server?

If so then I'd steer way clear of this as a library.

(I sincerely doubt anyone would write code that dumb and publish it without lots of warnings)

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