Convert openssl command to php


i have line of command

echo -n 2bRePass1234 | openssl dgst -sha1 -binary | openssl enc -base64

output : 3O3bhZbGKheK+g/M4pp18AwGqq8= (28 char)

i need to convert it php

what i tried. openssl_encrypt need $iv and $key. i just use random_bytes because dont know whats is the default value like the command above

return base64_encode(

But its doest return same result as the command did.. is there any way just use default key and cipher to generate it?

Note: i put random_bytes(16) because i dont know what to fill it based on the command.




Two things ...

  1. You are doing adgst (digest) in your first call ofopenssl therefore you cannot callopenssl_encrypt in your php.
  2. By doing a digest you does not need random bytes.

There are at least 2 ways to do it in php

1) Using sha1 function

php -r "var_dump(base64_encode(pack('H*', sha1('testPass1234'))));"
string(28) "wW+fqYWyUoXq+c76j0j2mnD5Oyc="

2) Usingopenssl_digest function

php -r "var_dump(base64_encode(pack('H*', openssl_digest('testPass1234', 'SHA1'))));"
string(28) "wW+fqYWyUoXq+c76j0j2mnD5Oyc="

They will both return the same. The string returned fromsha1 will be packed into a string of real bits and not treated as string.

PS: I saw you passed a different string in the command line sample and the php sample, but whenever passing the same string the results will be the same.

echo -n testPass1234 | openssl dgst -sha1 -binary | openssl enc -base64

Hope it's what you whore looking for. Cheers!

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