Convert or parse a string containing feet and Inches to number in PHP


In my database, there is a field called height that is a varchar(9) field. The end user selects a value from a pull-down list that contains values such as:

5' 0
5' 0 1/2
5' 1
5' 1 1/2
5' 2
5' 2 1/2
And so on up to...
7' 4

What I need to do is convert this string into numeric inches for the purpose of a server-side calculation. I don't know how to approach this string conversion, so any assistance will be very much appreciated. Thank you!




you want to get separate variables for feet, inches and fraction first

$toBeConverted = "5' 4 1/2";
list($feet,$inches,$frac) = explode(' ',$toBeConverted . ' ');

then add those values

$total = ((str_replace("'",'',$feet) * 12) + $inches + ($frac == '1/2' ? (1/2) : 0));



$array=explode(" ",$string);//where $string is "5' 0 1/2" for example
if ($array[2]='1/2') $inches=(int)$array[0]*12+(int)$array[1]+0.5;
    else $inches=(int)$array[0]*12+(int)$array[1];



If you know the index of the pulldown, with the first value being 0, then the number of inches is

$inches = 60 + $pulldownIndex * 0.5;

Since you start at5' (5 * 12 = 60) and go up in increments of 0.5 inch.

Alternately, if you want to look at the string that was on the pulldown, I suggest you look at Felix's answer - it is very compact and elegant.

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