Delete each Item in a foreach PHP


I have a table with anforeach array of items. I want to delete each item by a link. In the DB, the table is "users" and the row is "id".

PHP code of the table:

<table >
<td colspan="3">
<div ><a href="#">&laquo;</a> <a href="#">1</a> <a href="#">2</a> <a href="#">3</a> <a href="#">4</a> <a href="#">&raquo;</a></div>

$query = $db->query("SELECT * FROM users ORDER by id");
echo "<tr>";
while($row = $query->fetch_array()){
  $id = $row['id'];
  echo "<tr>"; //put <tr> opening code inside, not outside of while()
  echo "<td>".$row['id']."</td>";
  echo "<td>".$row['username']."</td>"; //remove <tr></tr>
  echo "<td>".$row['email']."</td>"; //remove <tr></tr>
  echo "<td><a href='delete($id)'>Delete</a></td>"; //remove <tr></tr>
  echo "</tr>"; //close tr only once at the end

The function that delete the code is:

   function delete($id) {

        $sql = 'DELETE FROM users
                WHERE id = :id';

        $q = $this->pdo->prepare($sql);

        return $q->execute([':id' => $id]);

I used the delete link with:

<a href='delete($id)'>Delete</a>

But didn't work. It gives the correct Id -for example (delete(5)- but didn't delete it because it shows:

The requested URL /sistema-login/admin/delete(5) was not found on this server.



I don't know if you're using some sort of framework to map url parts to function parameters, but you could something like

<a href='delete/<?= $id ?>'>Delete</a>

or even

<a href='delete?id=<?= $id ?>'>Delete</a>

And then use$_REQUEST to retrieve the parameter.

At least that will send the parameter to your server. I don't know how you've mapped your functions to routes, so I don't know if you're getting the right url..




I think you should use this for delete record. inwhile loop

<a href='?id=<?= $id ?>'>Delete</a>

Remove function and use$_REQUEST like below code.

if(isset($_REQUEST['id']) && !empty($_REQUEST['id']))
    $dbh = connectDb();
    $stmt = $dbh->prepare( "DELETE FROM users WHERE id =:id" );
    $stmt->bindParam(':id', $_REQUEST['id']);

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