Displaying php curl Json Array Data in Javascript


I am trying to Displaying PHP curl json array data in javascript.

if I echo

// curl output

$response = curl_exec($curl);
echo $response; 

I will be having this data in the format below as my output

{"id":"3","food":"yam","Amount":"50","condition":"not paid"},

Question is how can I display the data in Javascript?

I have tried the code below but am having error "Undefine".

Can someone help me out?

Below is the code of my output in Javascript.

    function loadData(){



$('.info').append('<li><div class="msg-lhs"><span>'+v.id+'</span> <span>'+v.food+'</span> <span>'+v.Amount+'</span> <span>'+v.condition+'</span></div></li>');


$('.info').animate({scrollTop: $('.info').prop("scrollHeight")}, 500);




I don't know what is really messed up with your code, but I came up with a slightly different approach that works fine.

Note: assuming that you're getting data from yourcurl request fine. just parsed your result outside the loop iteration and usingforEach loop.

var response = '{"items":
      {"id":"3","food":"yam","Amount":"50","condition":"not paid"},\

var parsed = JSON.parse(response)
parsed.items.forEach(function(v) {
$('.info').append('<li><div class="msg-lhs"><span>'+v.id+'</span>    
    <span>'+v.food+'</span> <span>'+v.Amount+'</span> 
$('.info').animate({scrollTop: $('.info').prop("scrollHeight")}, 500);

Here is fiddle

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