drupal 7 - Access $block inside Block body field that has PHP evaluator enabled


In template.php, I've added a variable to$block via$vars['block']->member_login_url, insidetheme_preprocess_block.

I can access this variable in theblock.tpl.php by:<?php print $block->member_login_url; ?>, but I would like to access it in the GUI block edit screen in Drupal (screenshot below of where I'm getting undefined variable errors).

The body field is using a text type with 'PHP Evaluator' enabled, but for some reason I can't figure out how to access Drupal variables, or block variables.

getting variable error




I am not sure why you are assigning the value using object notation. I would have used$vars['block']['member_login_url'] = blah and then access the variable using$member_login_url in the tpl file, but you can output the available variables in the template using the php functionget_defined_vars()

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