Execution of PHP code regarding database access using MongoDB is not giving desired results


I am using WAMP server 64bit as well as MongoDB 64 bit in my Windows 7 machine. I have successfully configured MongoDB on WAMP server wherephp_info() page shows MongoDB Support Version 1.3.2RC1 enabled. But the problem is whenever I establish connection with MongoDB in PHP code the code runs but it does not reflect the changes in MongoDB console. Why is this so?

 $connection = new MongoClient();
 //$db = $connection->sample;

 // select a collection:
 //$collection = $db->first;
 $collection = $connection->sample->test1;

 $doc = array(
 "name" => "MDB",
 "type" => "database",
 "count" => 2,
 "info" => (object)array( "x" => 203, "y" => 102),
 "versions" => array("0.9.7", "0.9.8", "0.9.9")

 $collection->insert( $doc );

 echo "Inserted successfully....";

 $document = $collection->findOne();
 var_dump( $document );


The above code retrieves the inserted document as it is on browser. But in mongo.exe console there is no data inserted. My default database is 'db'.




My default database is 'db'

I think you may be confusing thedb shell variable and the current database, which defaults to "test" unless you specify it a database name argument to themongo command. Consider the following:

$ mongo
MongoDB shell version: 2.5.5
connecting to: test
> db
> ^C

$ mongo foo
MongoDB shell version: 2.5.5
connecting to: foo
> db

The client tells me that it has connected to the "test" database by default, and evaluating thedb variable reports its name as a string. If I connect again and specify "foo" as the command line argument, I see "foo" as the default database. Additionally, I can runuse <name> when I'm in the shell to switch between databases.

In the PHP script above, you're accessing the "sample" database and "test1" collection when you evaluate$connection->sample->test1.

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