expressionengine - PHP explode not working on string, fetched from EECMS template


I'm building an ExpressionEngine module in PHP.

In ExpressionEngine, one can access parameters passed to the module in a template using:$my_param = $this->EE->TMPL->fetch_param('my_param');

However, when I fetch a string that way, explode does not work on it:

public function get_tyres()
    $tyres = $this->EE->TMPL->fetch_param('tyres');
    // this shows: '205/55R16M+S|205/55R16|205/55R16'
    // now I want to split it into single tyres, using the pipe as a delimiter

    $tyre_array = explode("|", $tyres);
    foreach($tyre_array as $tyre)
        echo($tyre . '<br>');
    // the above produces: '205/55R16M+S|205/55R16|205/55R16',        
    // where I'd expect it to produce:
    // 205/55R16M+S
    // 205/55R16
    // 205/55R16


I've tried to specifically cast to a string using$tyres = (string) $this->EE->TMPL->fetch_param('tyres');, with no luck.

I've also tried manually creating and exploding a string:$tyres = '205/55R16M+S|205/55R16|205/55R16'; which worked, but obviously I need to get the param from the template, not hard code it.

Lastly, I tried using preg_split and a regex, with no luck either:$tyre_array = preg_split('/\|/', $tyres); which also returned an array with the entire string in it.

What could be at work here? Is this a scope related thing? Is it an encoding-related thing? What to look for next?


Okay, we're getting somewhere. I've added the following to the function:

for($i = 0; $i < strlen($tyres); $i++) {
    echo substr($tyres, $i, 1) . ", ";

Which returns...{, v, e, r, s, i, o, n, :, t, y, r, e, s, }, and that is in fact the variable passed to PHP in the HTML template:

{exp:my_module:tyres tyres="{version:tyres}"}
... more irrelevant HTML

This means it has something to do with the parsing order of ExpressionEngine. Apparently, the variable{version:tyres} isn't parsed yet. So I pass that variable to the module, it tries to explode it by the pipe character, but the string{version:tyres} does not contain a pipe, meaning it can't be exploded. ExpressionEngine then returns{version:tyres} as a whole, passes it back in to the template and then the variable is parsed as205/55R16M+S|205/55R16|205/55R16.

I've tested this, and can confirm that exploding by ':' returns the array:

array (size=2)
  0 => string '{version' (length=8)
  1 => string 'tyres}' (length=6)

I will now look in to ExpressionEngine parse order. If anyone has an idea on how to work around this, I'd be happy to know ;-).




I tested your code, copy and pasting your test string, and it works fine for me. Make sure your pipe ("|") is really the character you think it is, and not, say, some crazy unicode stuff that just looks like a pipe, but is actually Klingon for for 'staff', or something.

Try something like this as a reality check:

echo " the pipe is at " .strpos($tyres,"|"). " and I really hope this it says '12'";



The answer lies in the ExpressionEngine parse order, as outlined here:

Because the template tag {exp:my_module:tyres} used a variable passed to it by a template tag that it was nested in, the variable wasn't parsed yet as the innermost tags are parsed first.

Adding the parameterparse="inward" to the outer template tag makes ExpressionEngine parse that tag first, passing the correct variable to the inner template tag.

See for more on changing the parsing order.

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: Php simple search engine?


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