ffmpeg - I can't upload a live video on instagram with api mgp25 in php


I have problem with upload a video file on live Instagram with using mgp25 API.

        $insta_obj->login($this->username[$i], $this->password[$i]);
        $ffmpegPath = 'C:/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg.exe'; $ffmpeg = 
        $stream = $insta_obj->live->create(); 
        $broadcastId = $stream->getBroadcastId(); 
        $streamUploadUrl = $stream->getUploadUrl(); 
        $streamUploadUrl = 
        $broadcastProcess = $ffmpeg->runAsync(sprintf('-rtbufsize 256M -re -i %s - 
    acodec libmp3lame -ar 44100 -b:a 128k -pix_fmt yuv420p -profile:v baseline -s 
    720x1280 -bufsize 6000k -vb 400k -maxrate 1500k -deinterlace -vcodec libx264 
    -preset veryfast -g 30 -r 30 -f flv %s', 
    \Winbox\Args::escape('../view/upload/' . Upload::getEmail() . '/' 
    .$data['name']), \Winbox\Args::escape($streamUploadUrl)));

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