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So, if you fill out this contact form i've got. Then, you'll fill out your return email just like every contact form out there. This variable is set to


So, I have a new feature in my contact form that enables users to send a copy of it to their email address that they submitted in the "email" section of the form. Except, I have this php code to take care of this for that user if they checked the box saying yes they wanted to...

if ($_POST['copy'] == "on") {
     $receiver = "my email addr" || $from;

with the name "copy" being the checkbox, here is that code now...

<div class="6u 12u$(small)">
    <input type="checkbox" id="copy" name="copy">
    <label for="copy">Email me a copy of this message</label>

Now, idk if this is the problem, but when I submitted the form with "get" then checked the box for the copy then it came back in the url bar as "&copy=on".




this is not valid

  $receiver = "my email addr" || $from;

to send to another address you append with a comma

  $receiver = "my email addr".','.$from;



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