How can I read php file's output into a variable?


I have a php file that looks like the following


return [
    'first' => 'some value',
    'second' => 'blah blah',

I want to set the php output's array as a variable. So my variable is the actual array. I tried to do the following

$config = file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/config.php');

However, that return the file content as a string.

How can$config be the returned array from myconfig.php file?




You have to change the file, removereturn and create assignment, like this:

$variable = [ ..... ]

Then if you need that array in different script, then use include or includerequire

PS: consider doing some basic tutorials on PHP. You are asking elementary question now and reinventing the wheel alone takes a lot of time.

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