how to convert p tag to line break in php fpdf


I have the following for setting up the body of my fpdf:

function PrintChapter($num, $title, $date,$url,$Summery,$file,$byauthor){

        $this->SetDate(date("l F d, Y",strtotime($date)));


                $this->y0 = $this->GetY()-13;
                $this->y0 = $this->GetY()-30;


function ChapterBody($file){
        $txt = $file;
            $this->Line(10, $this->GetY(), 100, $this->GetY());
        } else {
            $this->Line($this->GetX(), $this->GetY(), $this->GetX()+90, $this->GetY());

$pdf->PrintChapter(1,$title,$PostData['post_date'],$url[0],$Summery,$MyContent,@implode(", ",$BYAuthorName));

The problem, is that my paragraphs do not have a big enough line space between and don't look like line breaks at all. How can I make the line breaks more distinct to show more paragraph formatting.




You can pass an individual height to the Ln() method. If nothing is passed the last height of a cell is used. Which is5 in your case (defined as 2nd parameter of the MultiCell() call).

You can control the line height/height of a line break with both parameters.

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