How to define env values that start with dollar sign in php-fpm


I need to define a variableSOMECONFIG in php-fpm with a string$hello (a literal string that starts with a dollar sign)

If I put it like


It won't work because php-fpm will try to evaluate$hello from the environment variables which is not defined. The result of$_SERVER['SOMECONFIG'] in php code will be an empty string.

What's strange about php-fpm is if the dollar sign is NOT at the beginning of the string, it can be defined without issues, the following works:


I've also tried with\$hello,$$hello,'$hello', or"$hello" without luck.





I found a workaround. Set the base64 encoded of "$hello" to an environment variable and decode it when use it.

in parameters.yml in Symfony3.4, I was able to get the value like this: %env(base64:SOMECONFIG)%

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