How to Insert JSON into mysql table with PHP


I have tried many sites to find how to insert json in mysql but i did not find any proper solution. Can you help me to insert the bellow json in mysql table and also tell me the required names for column in my table.

    "request" :  ` {
        "Target" : "Affiliate_Report",
        "Format" : "json",
        "Service" : "HasOffers",
        "Version" : "2",
        "NetworkId" : "network_id",
        "Method" : "getConversions",
        "api_key" : "api_key",
        "fields" : ["Stat.affiliate_info1", ""],
        "limit" : "1"
    "response" : {
        "status" : 1,
        "httpStatus" : 200,
        "data" : {
            "page" : 1,
            "current" : 1,
            "count" : 82,
            "pageCount" : 82,
            "data" : [{
                    "Stat" : {
                        "affiliate_info1" : "aashiq"
                    "Offer" : {
                        "name" : "App Download - Paytm - Android - IN - Incent"
            "dbSource" : "branddb"
        "errors" : [],
        "errorMessage" : null

i need to insert the data :aashiq, App Download - Paytm - Android - IN - Incent from the above json




I will give a try. Bear with me cause my PHP is a bit rusty... So let's say$mydata is you array object storing the JSON. Then:

$data = $mydata["response"]["data"]; 
$name = $data[0]["Stat"]["affiliate_info1"]; // will store aashiq
$offer = $data[0]["Offer"]["name"]; // will store App Download etc...

Create a MySQL database with a database calledoffers with a tableoffer and three fields: anID that will be autoincrement,affiliate VARCHAR,final_offer VARCHAR

//copying from
//connect to mysql db
$con = mysql_connect("localhost","username","password") or die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
//connect to the offers database
mysql_select_db("offers", $con);
//write your Insert query, you omit the autoincrement field and 
//after the keyword VALUES you use your variables enclosed in ''
$sql = "INSERT INTO offer(affiliate, final_offer) VALUES('$name', '$offer'"); 
    die('Error : ' . mysql_error());

I believe the code above is more or less correct

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