How to only echo a value from MySQL once with PHP loop


MySQL table is set up like this:

id | year | name | filename | category | description

Currently, my PHP is this:

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    $yr = $row["year"]; 
    $nm = str_replace('"', '', $row["name"]);
    $fn = $row["filename"];
    $cat = $row["category"];
    $desc = str_replace('"', '', $row["description"]);
    echo "<year id=\"$yr\">\r\n";
    echo "<entry id=\"$nm\" filename=\"$fn\" category=\"$cat\" description=\"$desc\">\r\n";
    echo "</entry></year>\r\n";

This spits out a year for every entry. I only want the year to echo one time and then list every name for that year.




I have simplified your code for the purpose of this answer. You can use a PHP if statement to check if the year is still the same, or if the year has changed.

To use this, make sure your SQL query sorts the results by year

$oldyr = ""; //Initiate olodyr variable

while(...){ //The loop used to fetch
   $yr = $row["year"];

   if(!($yr === $oldyr)){ //The year has changed, so close the old one and open a new one

      echo "<year id='$yr'>\r\n";
      $oldyr = $yr;
//Print other data, such as names


Also, try to use mysqli, as mysql is deprecated, as you can see here.

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: php - index array results from mysql call so I can call multiple times


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