How to set to my code below charset CODE 737 php-laravel

public function downloadTXT()

    $txt = "";
    $datas = User::select('home_id','home_firstname','home_lastname')

    foreach($datas as $data){
        $txt .= 100000+$data['home_id'].' '.$data['home_firstname'].' '.$data['home_lastname'].PHP_EOL;
    //$txtname = 'mytxt.txt';

    $headers = ['Content-type: text/plain',
                'Content-Disposition'=>sprintf('attachment; filename="%s"', Input::get('name')),

    return Response::make($txt , 200, $headers );


How can i iconv the charset which is utf-8 to code 737 that i dont even know the symbol like 'utf-8'



$txt = mb_convert_encoding($txt,'cp737'); 

This doesnt work....does not recognize it!




1)So i found the solution hope this helps someone.First of all i found the function of PHP and other languages has it "iconv" which is well known!

2)Second you must find the coding you need of the coding you need for windows

3)Finally here is the code you need to make the encoding different before the return you must convert the txt file

$txt = iconv("UTF-8","cp737","$txt");

So this means from utf-8 to cp737 and the thirst parameter is the txt file we created !

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