html - file_get_contents for a specific ( a tag ) from external website URL - PHP


I read every single stackoverflow questions and I try each one but nothing works for me.

I have this HTML in the external webpage:

<a href="/gallery/image1.png" id="viewbt">
<div class="view"></div>

I want to get this whole code using any kind of PHP codes.




PHP is server side, while going to a specific HTML tag is a browser feature. There is still a way. You will need to fetch that page and search for the exact tag with regex or with DOM manipulation.

$str = file_get_contents('');
// to find the specific tag ( for example the image link )
if(preg_match('#<a href="(.*?)" id="viewbt">.*?</a>#', $str, $m)){
} else {
    echo 'Regex syntax has to be improved to your search criteria'.PHP_EOL;

Extra info for regex:

I suggest regarding a regex tutorial as well, besides the PHP function. You can do a lot more.

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