html - How to detect end of page for PDF in php (laravel)


I have the following php code that converts html blade and show it on PDF file:

public function generatePDF(Request $request)
    $html_content = $view->render();
    PDF::writeHTML($html_content, true, false, true, false, '');
    PDF::Output('myPDF.pdf'); }

$view is a laravel blade takes many paragraphs(string) with different lengths form database then the previous code show them on PDF file in a specific pattern.

What i want is to guarantee that no paragraph will split between two pages, for example if there is a paragraph of 4 lines and only two lines remains from the first page, then the whole paragraph should start from the second page.




i think you should need to use this package instead for better library when dealing with PDF.

This is quite most developers has been using on the PDF development to every projects and even simpler to integrate and use.

For hard core solution, you may use this library but you need to code in a native PHP coding. Here is the online doc of the Library.

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