html - How to set a counter everytime I click a submit button with Bootstrap slider in PHP


I'm making a survey, everytime the user press "Continuar" it goes to the next question with a slider (it's everything on the same page), I want to store how many times the user has clicked "Continuar" to make a couple of validations.

I tried to use a php session but after a couple of test echoes it doesn't seem like any of the ifs are working as it doesn't show me anything when I load my page.


    if (empty($_SESSION['cont'])){

    // if button is pressed, increment counter
    if(isset($_POST['submitbttn'])) {
        echo $_SESSION['cont'];
    if ($_SESSION['cont'] == 1){
        echo "uno";
<!-- Button --> 
 <form method="post">
   <button><a href="#carouselExampleControls" role="button" data-slide="next" input type="submit" name="submitbttn">Continuar</a></button>

I expect it to show the counter so I make sure it's working and I can make the validations I have to make

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