html - PHP form not POSTing multiple select fields


My PHP form is not POSTing any of the multiple select options I have in a form. This is my PHP:

if ($_POST['interested_in_testing'] != "")
    $_POST['interested_in_testing'] = filter_var($_POST['interested_in_testing'], FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING);
    $interested_in_testing = $_POST['interested_in_testing'];

Add to email:

<br/>Interested In Testing: " . $interested_in_testing ;

This is my select:

<label class="custom">Interested In Testing</label>
<select name="interested_in_testing[ ]" multiple="multiple">
  <option value="atas">ATAs</option>
  <option value="ip_phones">IP Phones</option>
  <option value="gateways">Gateways</option>
  <option value="ip_pbx">IP PBX</option>

It doesn't send anything for this field. All my single fields send fine. Any help? Thank you




Since you are creating an array element, you should consider the same as an array on other end as well.

if (is_array($_POST['interested_in_testing']) && !empty($_POST['interested_in_testing'])) {
    $interested_in_testing_val = array();
    foreach($_POST['interested_in_testing'] as $val) {
        $interested_in_testing_val[] = $val;
    $interested_in_testing = implode(',', $interested_in_testing_val);

Assumming you want the values as comma separated.

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