html - Print php output in pop window on submitting the form


I would like to print the output of PHP in a pop window after the submission of html form. Below is sample of my code.

    if("condition match")
       echo "output1";
       echo "output2";
<form class='n-form' action='#' method='post'>
  <button type='submit' name="button1" class='button'>Submit</button>
    <a href="../home.php" class="button">Cancel</a>

It should be able to print the echo output in the pop window based on the if condition.

Looking forward to hear.




There is no popout windows in php you have to do it in javascript

    $text = (isset($_POST['button1'])) ? "output1" : "output2";
    echo '<script>alert("' . $text . '")</script>';

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