html - Responsinve Form which will initially display data from an PHP variable in a Table


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I have made an html form that displays data from an PHP variable. The Form contains a table and that table has number of rows based on a PHP variable. but problem is that form is not responsive can you please give some idea how can i made a responsive form with table that will load data from an PHP variable. my current code is below:

<div >
        <div >
        <form method="POST" action="/updateInfo" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="InfoForm">
              <div style ="width:100%; height:250px;">
                <table style = "width:100%;border:2px;height:60%;"> 
                  <tr style = "border-bottom: thin solid;background-color:#9a004b;color:White">
                    <th>Register Date</th>
                    <th>Reconciliation Date</th>

                  <?php  foreach($overpayment as $key=>$value){
                  ?>       <tr >
                        <div >  
                          <td><input type="hidden" name=OverpaymentNr[] value="<?php echo $value['OverpaymentNr']?>"</td>
                          <td><label name=Paydate[] value=""/><?php echo $value['RegisterDate']?></td>
                          <td><label name=ReconciliationDate[] value=""/><?php echo $value['ReconciliationDate']?></td>
                          <td><label name=Amount[] value=""/><?php echo $value['Amount']?></td>

                          <td><input type="text" name=IBAN[] value="<?php echo $value['IBAN']?>"/> </td>
                            <td><label name=Withhold[] value=""/><?php echo $value['Withhold']?></td>

                  <?php    }
                    <tr >
                      <td align="center"><input type="Submit" name= Submit value = Submit /> </td>


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