html - What is the levels column in roles in my database for PHP laravel


I downloaded angular Laravel LTE template. In my database under roles there is a column called level. What is the function of this, I am new to php and laravel so I am confused.




Maybe you have roles that share certain privileges, so you could assign each role a different "level" so you wouldn't have to check against a ton of roles. If 10 different roles can do some action but maybe the other 5 roles can't, it would be easy to assign those 10 roles a level of{-code-1} and keep the other 5 at level1 so you can :

if( $user->level() >= {-code-1}) {}

Instead of typing 10 different roles in the below conditional

if( $user->is('someRole|someRole|someRole|someRole|someRole|someRole|someRole|someRole|someRole|someRole|')) {

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