I am new at PHP , I am not able to connect my form with database . NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 179:


**Please Help me with my form connection to database, table is created in database but i am confused how to connect it with my form **

This is my how i am routing my form

      <div id="register" class="animate form">
                        <form action="{{route('signup')}}" method="post" autocomplete="on"> 
                            <h1> Sign up </h1> 

this is my controller

public function postSignup(Request $request)
        $username = $request['username'];
        $email = $request['email'];
        $password = bcrypt($request['password']);

        $user = new User();
        $user->username = $username;
        $user->email = $email;
        $user->password = $password;

        return redirect()->back();


and here comes my route file :

    'uses' => [email protected],
    'as'=> 'signup'


error screenshot




Your form like this:-

 <form action="{{url('signup')}}" method="post" autocomplete="on"> </from>
 <form action="{{ action('[email protected]')}}" method="post" autocomplete="on"> </from>

And try this route:-

Route::match(['get', 'post'], '/signup', '[email protected]');

Hope it helps!

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