Insert image in pdf in php using mpdf


Here,below is my code for converting an image into pdf using mpdf. $html containsupload/tulips.jpg But,when the function executes the pdf file created and an image icon shows there with the locationupload/tulips.pdf. Kindly tell me why this is happening because no bug is coming.

   private function ConvertImageToPdf($inputPath,$outputPath)
                $mpdf=new mPDF();
                $html='<img src='.$inputPath.'/>';
                $mpdf->debug = true;




$html='<img src="'.$inputPath.'"/>';

eg"" around image-path, and you should be good (if the image exists)

In the mPDF-package/examples there is aexample04_images.php you can try out.

PS : You should set$mpdf->debug = true before$mpdf->Output()




its the comma problem

$html='<img src="'.$inputPath.'"/>';

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