Is it possible to know if you're already in an exception in PHP?


I have some code in a __destruct() method that sometimes throws an exception. The __destruct() method is being called during another exception and I'm seeing a vague error:

PHP Fatal error:  Ignoring exception from exampleClass::__destruct() while an exception is already active

which is hiding the actual exception that's being called. I'd like to do something like:

public function __destruct() 
    // do work here
  catch(Exception $e)
    // check if we're already in an exception and log it
    // normal destruct, re-throw
      throw $e;

Bonus points if it's PHP 5.1.6 compatible!

Thank you in advanced!




Your problem isn't because you're throwing an exception from within another, it's because you're throwing an exception from a destructor.

From I quote:

"NOTE: Attempting to throw an exception from a destructor (called in the time of script termination) causes a fatal error."

Rethink your logic abit and do this prior to deconstruction.

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