javascript error with php variable passing in codeigniter

function something(frm,i){
//var ch=frm.outof1.value;
for(var j=1;j<=i;j++)
    //var b="outof" + j;

//alert("outof" + i);
return false;

 $js='onClick="something(this.form,\''. $ii .'\')"';
  echo form_button('mybutton', 'Click Me', $js);

and getting output NAN where in html this is // echo form_input('outof'.$i,''); // the form input.




First, you will want to make sure the passed$ii is made into the correct type (not a string) by usingparseInt. Then you construct the form input name by concatenating'outof' and the number before evaluating.value.

function something(frm, i)
    for(var j = 1; j <= parseInt(i); ++j) {
        alert(frm['outof' + j].value);



alert(parseInt(frm.outof) + parseInt(j.value))

Most likely, you're trying to sum up strings, and not integers

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