javascript - How to append the values in table using AJAX


Here i am passing javascript varaible into PHP function using AJAX ,here it will be working fine,** console.log(fname);** Here i got all values but append the tables means i am getting [object Object],how can solve this error

<script type="text/javascript">
    $("#reservation").on("change", function() {
       var reservation = $(this).val();
              type: 'post',
              url: 'date-range.php',
              data: {
                  logindate: reservation,
              success: function( data ) {
              var res=jQuery.parseJSON(data);// convert the json

                  var htmlString='';

                   $.each( res['data'], function( key, value ) {

                   var ssm_id = value.ssm_id; // here i got ssmid
                   htmlString+='<td>'+ $.ajax({
                    type: 'post',
                    url: 'config/functions.php',
                   data: {
                        ssm_id: ssm_id,
                    success: function( fname ) {
                    console.log(fname);//HERE I GOT ALL VALUES
                    htmlString+='<td>'+fname+'</td>';// BUT HERE I CAN'T APPENT THE VALUES IN TABLE 
                   htmlString+='<td>'+ "<span style='color:green'>View Profile</span>"+'</td>';

                  /* htmlString+='<td>'+ "<span style='color:green'>Completed</span>"+'</td>';*/

                   $('#datatable-editable > tbody').empty().append(htmlString);
                  $('#datatable-editable > tbody').empty().append("<center style='height:100px;padding-top:36px;color:red;font-size:17px;'><b>No matching records found</b></center>");



$ssm_id = $_POST['ssm_id'];
    echo firstname($ssm_id);

function firstname($id)
    $f="SELECT firstname FROM register WHERE matri_id='$id'";
    while($row=mysql_fetch_array($rr)) {
        $firstname = $row['firstname'];
    return $firstname;



Without knowing the exact format of your JSON, it's hard to give a definitive answer. However, assuming you have a JSON array of objects that represent your rows, you'd need to iterate over that array and for each object do the following:

Create a new<tr> element -var $tr = $('<tr/>');
For each item of information (I assume one item per<td>), create a<td> element and set its content -var $td = $('<td/>').html(x.y) (x is your current object, y is a field in the object) then append it to the row -$tr.append($td);.
Append the row before the last row in the existing table -$('.list-order tr:last').before($tr);
Following from the additional information provided in the question, the following code should do what you need to do:

success: function(result) {
    //result is json format
    var $tr = $('<tr/>');
    $('.list-order tr:last').before($tr);

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