javascript - How to create an excel file based on the HTML table and save it in the project directory


I have build an HTML table and load data in it. What I want to do is, based on that table which contains data create(or convert) it to excel and save the excel file in the project directory.

Here is my HTML Table

 <table class='tblNemoList' border='1' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='0' width='100%' style='-fs-table-paginate: paginate;'>
      $strFilename = "FIM_KnowMore_Report_$DT";

And the excel conversion is here

header("Pragma: no-cache");
      header("Expires: 0");
      header("Content-type: application/x-msdownload");
      header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=". $strFilename .".xls"); //gets set inside the report.rpt.php
      file_put_contents($strFilename, $strBody);

I am missing the code to save it in a directory. Can you please help ?




PHPExcel is a great library for creating and handling excel files with php. give it a try.

PHPExcel on GitHub

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