javascript - HTML Special Characters and PHP


I have a span that contains and upper arrow:▲

Via an AJAX call, in PHP, I receive a POST parameter that contains this arrow.


      var arrow = $(this).html();
      alert(arrow); //displays the arrow the in an alert box
      $.post('Something.php',{ arrow: arrow },function(data){


In PHP, I am simply checking if the parameter is this arrow.


      $arrow = $_POST['arrow'];
            echo 'Its an arrow';
            echo 'Its not an arrow';

The JS returns an alert box 'Its not an arrow'. Am I comparing it in the right way?




$(this).html(); returns the actual Unicode character instead of the character escape▲.

You can check the length to see this:

alert($(this).html().length); // => 1

Next, you send this character to the backend. And all AJAX data is encoded as UTF-8. UTF-8 representation of isE2 96 B2.

echo $_POST['arrow'] === "\xE2\x96\xB2"; // Its an arrow

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