javascript - HTML tag <em> appearing on live website only


I am creating a website using php with javascript and jquery. Everything seems to be normal when I see the output locally, but when I upload it live, some parts of the website gets affected by the tag. I did not even try to add this tag before.

My bootstrap grid does not stay on one row anymore and some of my paragraph tags and headers turn italic all of a sudden. What or where is the origin of this tag?

Example: 1

This is my php for each to output the contents of my database. It echos a picture, a header tag, a paragraph tag and a "Read More" link. Locally they are all the same, but in the live website as you can see, the second output has its "Read More" in italic only but the third one has it on every text.

 foreach($lstBlog as $rowBlog) {
  $datetime = new DateTime($rowBlog['createddate']);
 echo'<div >';
 echo'<div >';
 echo'<img src="img/_uploads/blog/'.$rowBlog['featured_photo_thumb'].'">';
 echo'<div >';
 echo'<p >'.$datetime->format('F j, Y').'</p>';
 echo'<h4 >'.$rowBlog['blog_name'].'</h4>';
 echo'<p >';
 echo substr($rowBlog['blog_description'], 0, 100);
 echo strlen($rowBlog['blog_description']) > 100 ? ".....</p>" : "</p>";
 echo'<a href="blog.php?i='.$rowBlog['blogid'].'">';
 echo'<h4 >Read More</h4></a></div></div></div>';
} ?>

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