javascript - I am getting weird output




You have an issue here in your code:

$idQuery = "SELECT ID FROM `register` WHERE username='$username'";
mysqli_query($db, $idQuery);
$_SESSION['username'] = $username;
$_SESSION['userid'] = $idQuery;

As i mentioned in my comment, check what are you getting inecho "SELECT * FROM register WHERE ID='$idQuery' "; you definitely getting this kind of result:

SELECT * FROM register` WHERE ID= 'SELECT ID FROM `register` WHERE username='somename''

For sub query, remove quotes around your variable from:

"SELECT * FROM register` WHERE ID='$idQuery' ";

should be:

"SELECT * FROM register` WHERE ID = $idQuery";

Note that, this is success case, as you show your result here, your query is working fine..

You also need to use some protection for$idQuery if$idQuery == '' then your you can't get any result also.

As @patrick-q mentioned, use session to storeusername orID instead of saving a full query.

Second, you code is wide open for SQL injection, for preventing, use PDO.

Some helpful links:

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How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP?

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