javascript - Sending ID to php via load function


I have the below javascript function and php file. I want to take the id in the URL and send it to PHP so that I can query the data by the particular ID on the page. Here is what I have so far. Let me know what needs to be changed in order to get this to work. Thanks


/*adding data*/
dhx.ready(function () {
        view: "scheduler",
        id: "scheduler"
    $$("scheduler").load("placevents.php?id=" + getID, "scheduler");

    /*preselects Month view*/


//Retrieve logged in user
$test = "[email protected]$_REQUEST['id']";

$scheduler = new schedulerConnector( $res, "MySQL" );
$scheduler -> enable_log( "log.txt", true );
$scheduler -> render_table("events LEFT JOIN tblfollowers ON events.id_user = tblfollowers.username"
        . " WHERE events.status = 'active' AND((events.id_user) ='$test')"
        . " GROUP BY events.event_id, events.event_name, events.user_name, events.id_user, events.time, events.details, events.location, events.dresscode"
        . " Order By events.timestamp DESC","event_id","start_date, start_date,event_name,details");
$scheduler -> render_sql("select event_id, start_date, end_date, event_name, details from events ");



Please post full source code, however I think that there are two error first you must modify this:

$test = "[email protected]$_REQUEST['id']";

Into this:

$test = $_REQUEST['id'];

This help you to prevent sql injection.

And as I say above I don't know you source code but I think that there are an other error:

$$("scheduler").load("placevents.php?id=" + getID, "scheduler");

Try to modify it into this:

$$("scheduler").load("placevents.php?id=" + getID + "&scheduler");

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