javascript - Track Progress of Functions execution in codeigniter


I am uploading a excel file and based on excel file i am inserting and updating multiple table in database and doing calculation also based on excel data.

In codeigniter form action i am passing a controller Dataprocessing and doing all the process but i want to show a progress bar in the UI with percentage how much data uploaded for only uploading i can do that thing but here i need to perform calculation and insert and get data from and then update another table and then get data from another table and update another table so on and for this i am created 4 function and calling each function in the end of each function and in the last function i am redirecting to upload page.

So how can i able to get the progress of my functions, how can i track the execution of function and send to UI for displaying progress bar in realtime.

Or there is another way to do it and please tell me...

1. View Page Where i have form
echo form_open('DataProcessing/upload_kpi_data', $attributes);

2. in DataProcessing.php

//upload in temp table
function2() //calling another function for calculation

//performing calculation
//updating main table and insert new value
function3() //calling another function for calculation
and so on...

so how can i able to get realtime progress bar for this?

progress bar

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