jquery - get content back to javascript from PHP file in JSON format


When sending the request from the jQuery Mobile script to the specified PHP file, nothing is returned, nothing is appended to the html file. Here's the URL of the page:



<script src="js/newstext.js"></script> 
<div data-role="page" id="newstext"> 
  <div data-role="content"> 
    <div id="textcontent"></div> 


var serviceURL = "http://localhost/basket/services/"; 
$('#newstext').bind('pageshow', function(event) { 
var url = getUrlVars()["url"]; 
$.getJSON(serviceURL + 'getnewstext.php?url='+url, displayNewsText); 

function displayNewsText(data){ 
  var newstext = data.item; 

function getUrlVars(){ 
//it displays in the alert perfectly, shortening the message here 


include_once ('simple_html_dom.php'); 
$url = $_GET['url']; 
$html = file_get_html(''.$url.''); 

$article = $html->find('div[class=newsItem]'); 
$a = str_get_html(implode("\n", (array)$article)); 
//parse the article 
header("Content-type: application/json");
echo '{"item":'. json_encode($a) .'}';

I think my problem is how I'm encoding the $a variable in the PHP script. The $a variable contains html tags of all kind...how can I append it in the html file?




Where you have this line:

$.getJSON(serviceURL + 'getnewstext.php?url='+url, displayNewsText);

Change it to be:

$.getJSON(serviceURL + 'getnewstext.php?url='+url, displayNewsText, function(response){

Where#elem is the name of the element that you want to append the data, returned from the PHP file, to.

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