jquery - Image not updating without refresh after upload, using PHP and ajaxform


My problem is that I upload an image, which works without leaving the page, and it is all successful. In the success callback of the ajaxForm plugin, I'm changing the src of the image, but it doesn't update. But I know the image has finished uploading when the success callback is reached. I'm even requerying for it.

Still, I have to reload the page in order to see it. It worked perfectly when I was using pure JS and no PHP. I've tried a lot of different rearranging but still nothing. I've tried using the attr function to change the src, but I still have to reload. The image src is correctly changed according to the page source.

Can anyone help? Why am I still having to reload the page?

My upload form:

f($whoseprofile == $currentUser->get("username"))
echo '<form id = "upform" action="/upload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"><label for="uploadpicture"><img class="overlayImage" src="/img/newplus.png"><input type="file" id="uploadpicture" name="picture" /></label></form>';


Next is the ajaxForm.

<script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function() {
            $('#uploadpicture').change(function() {


                    beforeSubmit: function() {

                    success: function() { 
                        <? php $query = ParseUser::query();
                        $query - > equalTo("username", $whoseprofile);
                        $results = $query - > find();
                        $picurl = $results[0] - > get("profilePicture") - > getUrl(); ?>
                        $('#profilepic').html("<img id='profilepic' class='profilepic' src='<?php echo $picurl;?>'>");



Here is upload.php


require 'autoload.php';

$app_id = ;
$rest_key = ;
$master_key = ;

use Parse\ParseClient;
use Parse\ParseObject;
use Parse\ParseQuery;
use Parse\ParseACL;
use Parse\ParsePush;
use Parse\ParseUser;
use Parse\ParseInstallation;
use Parse\ParseException;
use Parse\ParseAnalytics;
use Parse\ParseFile;
use Parse\ParseCloud;
use Parse\ParseRelation;
use Parse\ParseSessionStorage;

ParseClient::initialize( $app_id, $rest_key, $master_key );

$currentUser = ParseUser::getCurrentUser();

if ($currentUser) {

 $file = ParseFile::createFromData( file_get_contents( $_FILES['picture']['tmp_name'] ), $_FILES['picture']['name'] );

$currentUser->set("profilePicture", $file);

} else {

header("Location: blahlblahblah");



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