json - Error in foreach php

function CheckSourceInfoOne($source) {
    foreach ($array as list($a, $b, $c)) {
        list($latitude, $longitude) = explode(',', $c);
        $La = mysqli_query($dbc, "SELECT * from Spotting_TB WHERE latitude = '".$latitude."'");
        $Lo = mysqli_query($dbc, "SELECT * from Spotting_TB WHERE longitude = '".$longitude."'");
        if ($checkLatitude == false && $checkLongitude == false) {
            if ($insert = $dbc->query("INSERT INTO Spotting_TB (spotting_number,P,longitude,latitude,I,time_posted,hidden) VALUES (NULL,'{$b}','{$Lo}','{$La}','0',NOW(),'0')")) {

I have been trying everything and i cant find out my error in the code :/ Its suposed to take a decoded json and go through it and post it if its not in the database but its not working

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