laravel 5 - Error installing php 71 with homebrew on my mac


I have been developing with Vallet for some time now. Today i wanted to update laravel 5.4 to 5.5. Before doing so i runcomposer global update. Causing Vallet to stop working.

Fist i tried to do the following:

cd ~/.composer/

sudo chown -R $(whoami) vendor


I did not solve the issue. Then i decided to reinstall Vallet. Hereby i did the following:

I followed this:

Stop and uninstall services

sudo brew services stop php71 dnsmasq nginx
brew uninstall php71 dnsmasq nginx

Remove related config files and valet home folder

sudo rm -r /usr/local/etc/php /usr/local/etc/nginx /usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf
sudo rm -r ~/.valet /var/root/.valet

Install services i tried this:

brew install php71
$ brew tap homebrew/php
$ brew install php71
brew install homebrew/php/php71 

All gave the following error:

MacBook-Pro:~ mblivier$ brew install homebrew/php/php71 
==> Installing php71 from homebrew/php Error: The following formula: php71 
cannot be installed as a binary package and must be built from source.

Install the Command Line Tools:xcode-select --install

I new in this and don't know how to solve this. Any suggestions how to install php and go further with reinstalling Vallet?

  • homebrew is installed and working



You need xcode to build php, so first run:

xcode-select --install

to install xcode and later you canbrew install php71




This is answer for your comment, I can't post as comment, need to post because is length limited.

There is one of two things going on here, either you didn't install PHP, or PHP is installed and not currently in any of system aware paths. First I would try to find PHP and make sure it exists:

$ find / -name php -type f

You should see something like:


If PHP binary does exist, check your path:

$ echo $PATH

If it does not exist, recompile php.

If PHP exists on your system, make sure the path to the /bin/php file is included. You can edit your~/.bash_profile and add the custom path like this:

export PATH

Then save and reload the file to ensure your current session has access to new path changes:

$ source ~/.bash_profile

With any luck you can now do aphp -v and see the version response.

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