magento - Rediness check of "PHP Extension intl" not working despite trying everything


I am trying to install Magento for the first time. I have extracted all the Magento Files to ...htdocs/magento/. So, the rediness check shows "PHP Extension intl." Error. I have tried everything. When I remove ";" from ;extension=php_intl.dll, copy all the six icu...DLL files to apache/bin/ my localhost refuses to connect.

All six Icu...Dll files

When I remove the comment, localhost refuses to connect

When I comment the extension=php_intl.dll again and restart the server, localhost starts working but rediness check will still show the missing "intl DLL" error.Please, Help me solve this.

I am using BITNAMI WAMPSTACK, Windows 7, and downloaded magento from

I can't even stop or restart servers because it shows error while doing so..Error Stopping Servers




You should try to add separate lines for 6 file!

if it is still not working, you should check your error log on your server




Okay, So my issue got solved. Actually I didn't have the administrator privilege to login. Hence, I couldn't stop or start the servers. So, i contacted the admins and then stopped the servers, removed ";" , restarted the servers and the issue got solved.

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