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So I need to find the last entry of my MySql table, I get the first one this way:

if($f4==0) { /*do this*/ } else { /*or do that*/ }

I have a table with incremented IDs, but it is sorted out by position like this:

$query="SELECT * FROM promotions ORDER BY position";

I would basicly need something like:

if($f4==Last row in table) { /*Do this*/ } else { /*Or do that*/ }



If your table unique auto_increment column namedid , you can just accomplish your task like this =>

SELECT * FROM table WHERE id=(SELECT MAX(id) FROM table)



Well, you should use SORT (DESC) and LIMIT 1 to get a specific row.

As in Matts comment, it is good practice to use a auto imcrement column (mostly primary key) for this (alternative: timestamp/rowversion)

The more costly version is an array of all values and get the total amount of fetched values via mysql_num_rows() and then just access the row from the array with the corresponding ID (-1 because it starts at 0 and not at 1 like the mysql_num_rows function)




With a so vague question is difficult to see what you want to do really. Please provide some more code, don't worry, we won't steal it (;

In the meanwhile, you might want to see the MAX(), which could be useful.

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