mysql - Using select last_insert_id() from php not working


I have this exact same issue, but that answer is old, and I've read other places the use of mysql_insert_id() is depreciated and should be avoided in new code.

The database is InnoDB and the primary key for this table is set to auto_increment.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong here? I should note I'm a beginner and learning on my own, so I apologize is this is glaringly obvious.

$query  = "INSERT INTO VENUES (province,city,venue)" . "VALUES " . "('$province','$city','$venue')";
$result = $db->query($query);
if ($result) {
    echo "$result row(s) sucessfully inserted.<br/>";
} else {
    echo "$db->error<br/>";

$result = $db->query("select last_insert_id()");
echo $result->num_rows //returns 1
echo $result; //nothing beyond this line happens

UPDATE: I am using mysqli.

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