mysql - Why phpmyadmin doesn't notice me that it reaches the maxmium php execution time?


I'm using phpmyadmin to export one of my database. And it was huge ( larger than 1 GiB ) And export procedure ended because of the PHP had run 360 seconds ( maxmium execution time ) and was killed while I thought that the backup file was correct and complete.

Later, I want a rollback. I drop the old database. And I import the backup sql file.


My data are partially lost.

Why phpmyadmin doesn't notice me??? I'm really ******* angry.




For databases huge like that phpMyAdmin is not the best solution. Better use shell command to dump/import database. Under linux (most likely you are on linux)

mysqldump -u username -p database_name > dump_file_name.sql

Copy it, i.e. with FTP to other server and then import like:

mysql -u username -p  database_name < dump_file_name.sql

After "-p" you can immediately put your password, but you can also skip it and you'll be asked to enter it.

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